Hello hello hello gente hermosa of We Heart It♥

I have seen many articles of this type, so I would like to join the list. I hope you like it.

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So let's start

I'm N A T H A L I A

N: Naples / Italy

chapel, italy, and museum image art, garden, and italia image

A : Auckland / New Zealand

auckland, statue, and sun image auckland, new zealand, and sky tower image

T: Turin / Italy

Image removed autumn, chic, and city image

H : Habana / Cuba

Temporarily removed couple, love, and beautiful image

A: Alexandria / Egypt

beautiful, egypt, and alexandria image egypt and alexandria image

L: Las Vegas / United States

orange and Las Vegas image Temporarily removed

I: Istanbul / Turkey

turkey, istanbul, and travel image Image removed

A: Amsterdam / Netherlands

adam, amsterdam, and bike image travel, amsterdam, and bike image
heart, love, and light image
I love all these magnificent cities.

That's all for today

love, neon, and light image
All my Love for You♥

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