So im going to tell you all some book people have told me to read and you can tell me if you like them and your personal thoughts

i look forward to reading this, its so well known that as a kid i ignored it, but now seeing it again i really do want to read it, just open my closet with this book and start it.

~Six of crows
ive glanced at the cover of this book a few times, not thinking much of it, but now that ive read books similar to it... it seems like a good idea!

~Rangers Apprentice
people are telling me to read this ALOT because ive nearly finished the throne of glass series, it sound homey, since i dont want to leave the assassin life behind yet

~The red queen
ok. so i read the blurb to kings cage, seeing about being trapped by her ex i immediately needed to read this, it sounds relatable to me in heartbreak which caught my attention too fast.

so thats it, some book series i look forward to reading this year