lately I've been loving vintage looking edits so i learned some different ways to edit my photos and make them look vintage. here's how:

bedroom, boys, and camera image
to get to this look all you need to do is download 'Huji' from the App Store. this app is free and when you take a picture through the app it automatically puts on this filter. you literally don't have to do anything except save.
80s, 90s, and backpack image converse, grunge, and old school image
to get this one you need to have the apps 'VSCO' and 'Afterlight'. in vacs i put the filter A6 and turn the brightness down a bit. then edit the picture like i usually do and add a bit of grain. in afterlight all i do is add 'dust' i use this first or seventh depends on the picture and sometime will use 'light leak 13' like in the photo of my phone and backpack.
camera, grunge, and looking image
this last one is just like the first one. all you need to do is download the app 'VHS Cam' and you just need to take a photo and it puts this filter on.

really hope i helped some of you to get some cool edits for you photos and also hope you liked this article. i'll post a new on really soon so stay tuned ✌︎ ☁︎