new year, new me

every 365 days we are given a fresh start
a new begging with no looking back
a time to rearrange all the
pieces in our heart

now naturally, i want to take this opportunity and run...

will i finally do that thing i´ve always wanted to?
can i go there once, twice, maybe with you? about i try something new?
sounds scary! Don´t think, just do...

okay let´s make a list
i say to myself
i must insist
this all be planned out

make more, eat better
take a tour, be less of a fretter

write it down, record it all
leave town, give them a call

a change of look, a different art
learn to cook, time to restart

use your ears, speak your mind
no more fears, passions to find

work hard,come on breathe
drop your guard, discover more me

some simple tasks to make for myself
a few goals to give me some help

the potential is great
the options are endless
there´s no time to fate
it´s up tp me to be my best

new year, new me

- connor franta

I know it's already a bit late, because it's not really a new year ... but I found the poem so simple, powerful and with so much feeling that I decided to put it here .... connor franta is my favorite youtuber, simplicity his love, everything makes him a unique and special person who deserves all our attention and affection ... not to mention all his photos that are simply magnificent ... maybe because he is a different person and so magnifies, he sees the world his way and in every dark corner he always finds a brake of light that makes him be so he.

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