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One of my favourite series is Riverdale. I´m a big fan of it and I´ve been seeing a lot of accs doing this tag, so I decided to do the same thing.

This is dedicated to all the fans of the serie here on whi.

Thank you so much to the person who invented this, and like always:

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✰*ೃ R I V E R D A L E ✰*ೃ

1. Who's your favourite female character?

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Betty is been my favorite one since the beggining, I love her even with her dark side. And I really like Cheryl because I think her character is awsome and one of the most difficult ones to interpretate.

2. Who's your favorite male character?

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It´s Jughead Jones for sure. I think is the most important character of the serie, he is the one that keeps the story going with his investigations.

3. Who's your least favourite female character?

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I really hate Penelope Blossom. I don´t like and don´t understand how bad she treats her own daughter Cheryl.

4. Who's your least favourite male character?

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In season one was Clifford Blossom but now my least favorite is Hal Cooper, Betty´s father. He is the type of person who thinks only of himself.

5. Have you read the comics?

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6. Who's your favourite parent?

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Fred Andrews, Archie´s father. I love how he care about his son and I find him an excellent person.

7. Who's your least favourite parent?

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Like I say in the other questions my least favorite parents are Clifford and Penelope Blossom, they are just disgusting.

8. What was your initial thought of the show? Did it change after you started to watch?

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I saw everyone talking about the show on twitter and I thought the visuals were amazing but I started to watch it when one of my closest friends recomended it to me. Since the first episode I fell in love with the story and with the cast.

9. Who do you ship the most?

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BUGHEAD; I ship them so much, I think they have so much chemistry and they really need each other.

10. Before finding out who killed Jason, who do you think did it?

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I always thought his father was involucrated but I really thought the serpent´s were responsable of it.

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