Day or Night?

gif, night, and light image
city, light, and night image stars, art, and drawing image

Winter or Summer?

gif, rain, and snow image
flowers, winter, and nature image cold, estonia, and forest image

City or Village?

Dream, life, and nature image
mexico, palacio, and bellas artes image
Honestly, both

Vanila or Chocolate?

gif image
chocolate, food, and delicious image chocolate, food, and cake image

Coffee or Tea?

gif image
coffee, food, and breakfast image vintage image

Coke or Pepsi?

gif, anime, and aesthetic image
aesthetic, cocacola, and grunge image coca-cola image

Pizza or Burger?

boys, food, and gif image
pizza, food, and yummy image food, pizza, and quality image

Tacos or Burritos?

cyber, food, and ghetto image
dinner, lunch, and steak image food, tacos, and delicious image

Dress or Skirt?

gif, girl, and dress image
fashion, dress, and white image dress, prom dress, and Prom image

Dogs or Cats?

gif and puppy image
cutie and puppy image dog, animal, and lovely image

Singing or Dancing?

music, simpsons, and bart image
art, fastfood, and grunge image Image by RØZHÂ
I like both, but I choose singing :)

Guitar or bass?

guitar, music, and gif image
guitar, music, and rock image guitar and music image
Guitar :)

Phone or computer?

gif and night image
purple, pixel, and aesthetic image

Introvert or Extrovert?

gif image
introvert, quotes, and alone image stars, night, and art image

Family or Friends?

black, cover, and fireworks image
Image by ~`مريم ~`
Both :)