this is a challenge by @dontbuymeflowers_ where for 14 days i will write letters to different people. maybe this way i can put what i feel out.

day three: my ex

[i never believed in love until i had yours]

​you came into my life on July 24, 2016. that day, i felt your lips for the first time. a while later you appeared again, with your innocent smile and sweet words. you got me. you held my attention, no one was like you. i fell in love without realizing that you would change my life forever. time passed and every day i learned more about love. i discovered the best of life, i discovered the most beautiful thing about me. before you arrived i was asleep, you gave me life. every moment i was able to experience the good and the bad that life had to offer me. i lived every day as if it were my last, and if were, i would be happy to die by your side. i will never regret anything i have done for us.

with you, it was light, emotion, animation, happiness, passion. it was the joy of living together with you. was to sleep with the anxiety of waking up and seeing you. it was a new beginning, a renewal, a discovery. was to wake up to the life that was waiting for me.

without you, there was no light, hope, or joy. it was like feeling they were pressing me against the wall and I could not breathe, my throat was closing and my lungs could not find air, my heart was being crushed.

now that you're gone, the scars stayed. we make mistakes. i wish i had not done half the things i did. should never have thrown all the responsibility on your shoulders. i wish i had stayed behind the school that day. but today i keep only the lessons. you never let me down, i'm proud of who you are. we were different people, we had fights and differences, none of them made us come to an end. we did. we were not ready, we could not deal with this fragile thing that is to love. i don’t blame any of us, i’m still grateful for the battle we face together.

no words can translate the joy i had of sharing a piece of my life with you. i will never be the same. you have helped me build my best version. i still hope to see you on my journey. i will always love you.