I looked at you and said
" it's alright you have nothing to do "
Well I lied it was all up to you
But I've tried to convince myself that I never needed you
I thought it will recover in a day or two
I didn't know that I will lost myself too
It was so hard for me to handle all that pain
It flows on me like how does the rain
It killed my confidence my hope and made me lame
It destroyed all of me and now iam not the same
Because I found love in a place where it wasn't supposed to be
I found it in your eyes and that's what took all of me
You planted your love like flowers on my lungs
My heart and brain
But flowers without water won't survive
And me without your love I'll die in pain
I keep finding you in all the songs that I use to love
With All this memories it's hard to move above
Whenever I turn around all I see is our pictures and your name
So I burned all of them
And now there's no more in the frame
But can you tell me how can I erase them from my brain ?
Cus every night when I sleep I still think of you
I feel your kiss . Feel your touch and I hear your voice too
I think a lot but I never say a word
It's like if was stock in my own world
Maybe that's what's killing me inside
Because I can picture your face in every and each side
I wanna tell you how iam hurt when I see you face to face
But how could I
If Iam not even comfortable in my own space
I cries every time I meet myself on the mirror
I don't like what I see
I don't see things clearer
But I still don't know now who is the one to blame
Is it you for all your lies or me for thinking that you will change
But stayed the same
I thought we will continue together and be so strong
But now I'm broken and left all alone
you Will never tell cus I will never show
My dignity is not something to throw
I will stand for myself and act strong
Maybe I will never hate you but I will learn how to move on
Cus the greatest thing you'll ever learn is how to love
Yeah I Will love myself and baby I will move above