So, I have this love (or obsession, as others call it) for old Hollywood movies and I can't help but crush on some of the incredible handsome actors from the 1950's;

James Dean

james dean, black and white, and photography image james dean, vintage, and black and white image james dean, black and white, and sexy image james dean image
Rebel Without a Cause (1955), East of Eden (1955), Giant (1956)

Gene Kelly

40s, judy garland, and legend image Image by Drenovakovic Marija black and white, vintage, and gif image rain, classic, and Singing In The Rain image
Singing in the Rain (1952), An American in Paris (1951), On the Town (1949)

Paul Newman

Mature image paul newman, black and white, and vintage image 1950s, handsome, and man image gif and paul newman image
The Hustler (1961), Hud (1963), Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Elvis Presley

elvis, Elvis Presley, and black and white image elvis and Presley image Elvis Presley, elvis, and music image Elvis Presley image
Jailhouse Rock (1957), King Creole (1958), Viva Las Vegas (1967)

Montgomery Clift

gif and montgomery clift image black and white, car, and montgomery clift image love, black and white, and quotes image Mature image
Red River (1948), I Confess (1952), The Young Lions (1958)

Love, me