sweater, autumn, and fall image fashion, style, and clothes image adidas, jeans, and grunge image jeans, shoes, and grunge image


Image removed eyes, girl, and brown image eyes, eye, and brown image Image by LeNoir
brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin


argentina, grunge, and tattoo image black and white, cool, and t-shirt image Image by Om Sohyp jajajaja perfecto image

Favorite colors

hair, pink, and girl image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image quotes, red, and text image body and fashion image
pink, yellow, red and black


book and library image art, drawing, and painting image travel, passport, and goals image coffee image
read, paint, travel and netflix


aesthetic, grunge, and sadness image Image by Cimone bitch, cry, and text image Image by alex LATINAS image quotes, red, and school image quotes, truth, and speak image Queen, quotes, and king image quotes, grunge, and tumblr image funny image
Image by Giulia Cisco Buzzichelli


The Breakfast Club, 80s, and grunge image grease, pink, and pink ladies image Clueless, fashion, and film image leon, natalie portman, and movie image
The breakfast club, Grease, Clueless and Leon: the professional


justin bieber, purpose tour, and purpose image glee, funny, and chris colfer image bands, beautiful, and cd image dua lipa, flower, and pink image
Justin Bieber, Glee Cast, Sofia Reyes and Dua Lipa


libros, el chico de las estrellas, and chris pueyo image book, read, and eduardo galeano image feminist, girl power, and girls image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image
El Chico de las Estrellas, Las venas abiertas de America Latina, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Harry Potter


supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and jared padalecki image friends, rachel, and monica image cheerios, glee, and quinn fabray image clary fray, simon lewis, and jace herondale image
Supernatural, Friends, Glee and Shadowhunters

Favorite Quotes

amor, frases, and iphone image funny, glee, and quinn fabray image Image by alex frases, amor, and español image tierra, world, and frases image quotes, van gogh, and passion image

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