Hello everyone! I just saw this tag around and I really enjoyed it. I love one direction and I really miss them so what a great time to revive old moments aha

° Favorite member
When I first started following the band I do have to admit that the first one that actually caught my attention was zayn. But at the moment I don’t have a favorite one.

° Favorite Song
I really like “does he know” and “if i could fly

° Favorite Music Video
Night changes

° Join the fandom
I don’t know the exact date but I think it was in 2012.

° Concerts
I actually went to one on the “where we are” tour back in 2014. It was amazing, I wish I could go back to that day. It was my first concert.

° Ship
I really like larry and ziam.

° Merch
I wish I would have got the perfumes. I have smelled them and they smell so good. It is one of my favorite smells on perfumes.

° Era
Definitely 2014. Everything was great, everyone was happy

° Saddest Moment
This would either have to be the day zayn left the band or when they announced the hiatus.

° One ticket to watch a solo performance
I would say niall just because his music style is more of my type of song. However, I would love to see harry perform.

° Sibling
Lottie or gemma.

° First song heard
What makes you beautiful

° Up all Night song
More than this

°¨Take me Home song
summer love

° Midnight memories song
right now or midnight memories

° Four song
no control

° Made in the A.M song
temporary fix or if i could fly.

° Zayn single
Dusk Til Dawn

° Niall Solo
Too much to ask

° Louis Solo
Just hold on

° Harry Solo
Two ghosts

° Liam solo
For you

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