How to have a productive morning

You know the feeling, waking up because your alarm goes off, but snoozing it everytime. Once in a while you think: I want to have a productive morning, but how?

➺ Wake up earlier than you normally do
I know it's easier said than done, but waking up earlier makes you so much more productive. You can do much more in the morning and you won't waste time sleeping.

Try waking up an hour earlier than you normally do and work you way up to wake up even earlier. Waking up earlier means also going to bed earlier, because you still need that 7 hours of sleep to function. Anyway, waking up earlier will make you feel more productive and motivated to do more!

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➺ Put your phone far away from where you sleep
It is the perfect way to step out of bed the minute your alarm goes off and start your day. When stepping out of bed your body sends signals to your brain that you are awake. It decreases the chance of getting in bed again. Also it helps that you will not lie in bed for another two hours, scrolling through social media. Admit it guys, we all do it.

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➺ Start slowly
You don't have to immediately dive in into your daily tasks to be productive. Start with making your breakfast, taking a shower and getting ready. Get a cup of tea and relax before you begin with the real stuff. Of course, you do not want this to be too long. Before you know it, the morning is over.

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➺ Make a list of what you need to do
I keep saying this, but it's important to know why you want to have a productive morning. Make a list with what you want to achieve in the morning. Don't put on too many tasks, because that might not be managable. When you are done with a task, cross it off, it gives you the feeling of accomplishment.

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➺ Don't be sad when it does not work the first time
It's a process that you need to learn: waking up early, making a list, keeping up with your tasks and so on. It's a routine you have to follow when you really want it to work. Thinking that you can't do it after one time is not something you should do! Keep pushing and you will get there :)

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➺ Look at the benefits of a productive morning
When you did (((almost))) all the things you have to do that day in the morning, you stll practically have the whole day to do other things. It will give you less stress, because you finished all your tasks in the morning. I promise you, the feeling of getting everything done before 12pm is the most liberating feeling ever.

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Lots of Love,