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I'm back with another tag created by one of my very close friends here on WeheartIt. That lovely person is Michel (@Night_Wishes). Make sure to read her version of this tag :

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♥ - How often do you lie ?

As this is the honesty tag, I don't properly lie at all. I normally tell small white lies that won't impact, hurt or affect anything or anyone. Eg. Yes I did my homework already... obviously.

♥ - Honesty or loyalty ?

Honesty always comes first although both of them connect to each other in a way. By being honest, you're being loyal by telling the truth. Besides, the truth will always find it's way out.

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♥ - On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you ?

I'm a very witty person in terms of my humour. Because of that I'd probably say a 8/9. I tend to just say what I think but of course, not always depending on the situation. But if I think my friend's outfit is horrendous then I'm going to say that to avoid her embarrassing herself later on. Honesty benefits people too.

♥ - Do you always say what you really think ?

Yes. But if what I think will hurt someone then I won't say it or I'll find another less harsh way to say it. If we're in an argument and the other person's opinion is blatantly wrong and is offending a load of people then I'll be one of the first people to stand up to them. In many situations I'll try and see the other person's pov before saying mine and make them understand what i think but usually they refuse to do the same so..

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♥ - Have you ever lied to your parents ? (why or why not)

I've lied to my parents before, we all have ; lets face it. As i grow up theres funnily enough nothing to lie about, if i do lie then it's about not getting any homework or having already tidied my room when i haven't.

♥ - Have you ever stolen anything?

Yes I have but it was cookies from this person who was selling food they bought from the supermarket and illegally reselling them. I was young and hungry so me and my friends paid for one but took two. I also borrowed stationary that ends up in my pencil case for months before i remember to give it back. Other than that, I've never properly stolen anything or intend to anytime soon.

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♥ - If you were a different person, would you be interested to be friends with someone like you ?

I would hope so. I make friends quite easily because of my humour. I'd describe myself as funny, kind and supportive. My friend who I sit next to in one of my classes, first time I met her said that she was afraid to approach me because I had that 'Cheryl Blossom mixed with Veronica Lodge vibe'... if you watch Riverdale then you'll know.

♥ - Have you ever pretended to be someone's friend but you actually weren't ?

I'm not trying to sound like an absolute bitch but honestly, I'm friends with everyone. I have my close friends and normal friends that I wouldn't hang out with 24/7 but we're not acquaintances. I'd rather make friends than enemies.

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♥ - Can you keep a secret ?

If it's serious then yes. Although I appear playful and fun in real life, I have a serious side to me too which i don't show much because why be serious when you can have fun? That causes some people who I'm not close friends with to not trust me which does bother me because they're having preconceptions of me but oh well their loss.

♥ - Why is honesty important ?

Lying makes things ten times worse than just telling the truth. The more you drag it out, the deeper the scar becomes.

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♥ - Do you think you're trustworthy person ?

If you tell me a secret then it'll remain a secret. I'm not just saying that, I mean it. If I break someone's trust by letting a secret out then I'll be drowning in guilt for hurting them. Yes. I am a trustworthy person.

♥ - Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong ?

Depends what the situation is. I don't like being wrong, no one likes being wrong about something. But at the end of the day, I don't mind. If i discover that i was wrong then i'll admit it straight away then brush it off and start a new day. You become stronger by your mistakes.

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Since I'm so late to this tag, I'm not sure who's already been tagged or done it. Because of that, I will not be tagging anyone but if you want to do this tag then I tag you.

I actually found this quite therapeutic to write as it gave me time to reflect on my actions so good job Michel ! I really enjoyed this tag and i hope you enjoyed reading it. I'll be posting an article tomorrow.

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