The narcissus flower

her point of view

Chapter 1

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From as far as I can remember, I've never leaved Sicily. My mother raised me here. Like a bird imprisoned in a cage, but a huge comfortable cage decorating with flowers, sun and a pleasant smell all around. I enjoy this prison but sometimes I just hope to travel and go where I want to. Nevertheless, mother wouldn't let me to and father, well, he never contradicts her. As a result, I was here dreaming about others blue skies somewhere else in the world where birds can fly while making acrobatic figures.

Today is a sunny day as most of the time. Mother accompanies me as always. We're taking flowers for home as always. “Sweetie, let's go back home” she told me, nicely, “I want to say a bit longer” I replied. The sun is going down and usually, at that moment, we left flowers fields to a warm house and a delicious meal. Mother gave me a kiss on my cheek and left me. “Finally alone” I thought, surprising myself. I sat engulfed by all the magnificent flowers. I don't know how long I stayed in this position. I just know I was peaceful and that what matters.

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I raised and went to home when I saw, on my way, an unknown flower. Five minutes more late isn't a big deal. Consequently I approach the yellow flower. There are also yellow and white ones. I gather the flower. Then, I heard a strange sound, a sound that is coming from the heart of Earth. I've never heard that kind of sound. The ground is trembled around me. In front of me, a giant crack. What could be the reason of that phenomena ?

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I can barely see. Clouds are covering the blue sky and it's almost dark. I distinguish something coming to me illuminated by the few sunshine. Horses are three steps near me. They have a deep and clever look as their sombre colour remind me the noisy and boisterous sea during a storm at night. And their size, they are so abnormally tall.

Behind them, a black chariot. A man is going out of it. “You shouldn't have picked the flower dear.” he said. What does he mean ? I've always plucked flowers and no one ever warned me. As I am saying to myself that he dared say a reflection to me, I'm staring at him. He's black haired, he has the same colour is in his eyes with something more but I'm too far to clearly see. I make a step, and a second. I'm only a step to him. I can't correctly breath as he is doing something to me.

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The man that was fixing me back looks away and, as I've lost an invigorating presence, I follow his look with a sad expression. Cyane is making an angry face. I didn't know she could make that kind of expression. And I didn't know the reason of that face and her presence either. She has to leave us alone

“Let her go home you awful man” the nymph shouted. “I'm not forcing her” the man replied, calmly. They're talking about me but I don't understand. If it's an argument then what could be the origin ? “The young lady won't accompany you !” she claimed. The man looks at me and asks me “Do you want to stay here dear ?” I wonder. I love mother and Sicilian landscapes but I also want new things. I linger on the flower I'm holding since earlier. “What is her name” He gave me gentle smile and said “A narcissus”. We were looking each other in the eyes and I saw a sparkle as yellow as the flower, brief but I am sure I saw it. He offers me his hand darken by the twilight. Cyane takes me by my left arm and pulls me. I struggle but she's too strong. “Don't touch her Hades” she yelled as a recommendation. So he is Hades. Strange. He isn't like mother described him. He has something sweet and appealing. The man raised his right hand which holds a sceptre I hadn't see before. His eyes become irascible and totally dark. “You have no right to say my name” he ordered, with an imposing voice. I can feel the nymph shaking. She dropped my arm. “Persephone, dear, I'm sorry.” he excused himself and said as a form of question. He welcomes me with a fear look like he didn't know what I was going to do. But I do. I took my decision. As a response, I move a step forward and take his dark hand even if I was scared, a certain euphoria had taken possession of me.

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With only a spectre's move we disappear from the surface of Earth.

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✩ We were only dreaming by Tides of Man

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