beauty, cream, and young image beauty, blackandwhite, and young image
Meryl Streep
Image removed jodie foster, oscar, and thriller image
Jodie Foster
90's, blonde, and kate winslet image kate winslet image
Kate Winslet
Image removed -beautiful, -woman, and -best friend image
Hilary Swank
Image removed girls, gypsy, and naomi watts image
Naomi Watts
natalie portman image girl, natalie portman, and actress image
Natalie Portman
susan sarandon image Image removed
Susan Sarandon
cate blanchett image cate blanchett and woman image
Cate Blanchett
Angelina Jolie, actress, and tattoo image Angelina Jolie, beautiful, and beauty image
Angelina Jolie
sigourney weaver image 80s, actress, and sigourney weaver image
Sigourney Weaver
Image removed bored, golden globes, and frances mcdormand image
Frances McDormand
Image removed penelope cruz image
Penelope Cruz
helena bonham carter and woman image Image by Nadine
Helena Bonham Carter
actress, beauty, and celebrity image Jennifer Lawrence image
Jennifer Lawrence
beautiful, celebrities, and rachel mcadams image Image removed
Rachel McAdams
beauty, classic, and hollywood image katharine hepburn, old hollywood, and vintage image
Katharine Hepburn
julianne moore image moore and julianne image
Julianne Moore
beautiful, blonde, and catwoman image michelle pfeiffer image
Michelle Pfeifer
amanda seyfried, beautiful, and blonde image amanda seyfried, beautiful, and blonde image
Amanda Seyfried
Image by EmilyKing audrey hepburn, black and white, and smile image
Audrey Hepburn
Demi Moore, actress, and vintage image Demi Moore image
Demi Moore
uma thurman, 90s, and vintage image 1980s, 80s, and beautiful image
Uma Thurman