Hey, guys! I noticed plenty of articles where you choose for each letter of your name a color or a city. I decided to do the last since I love to travel.

I haven't even started and I already know this is gonna be very hard.

My name is Rebeka.

R: ROME, Italy

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I was in Rome twice and so far I was amazed both times. Especially by architecture.

E: EDINBURGH, Scotland

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It's really hard to find a city that starts with E (and I have 2 of those). But it looks like a beautiful city and I would like to go there once.

B: BRISBANE, Australia

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it doesn't even necessarily have to be Brisbane. Any other city like Sydney or Gold Coast or Melbourne would be (even more) perfect but I don't have those letters in my name.


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I found this one as I looked for places that starts with E.


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I feel like I got to the stage where I just put random places, just because they start with right letter. Okay, let's get serious, I want to go to that area of the world, maybe even not this city specifically.

A: AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands

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I love it there. All the bridges and unique houses make it really beautiful.

I have to admit that I hoped this would be much more fun to do but it was really hard. I struggled to find cities for some letters especially for (second) E because I didn't want to put just some random ones but the those I actually want to visit or I already did and liked it.

I hope you like it,