I just quickly want to say thank you for all the hearts on my previous article, I got over 150 and it’s great to know that lots of people liked it. This article is gonna be about some things that make me really happy!


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I love sunsets because they are really beautiful and I just love to look at them as the colours are so aesthetically pleasing!

Dylan O’Brien

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Dylan makes me so happy because he’s an amazing actor and I love the films he’s in (eg maze runner & the first time) and I love Teen Wolf too. Also he’s a really funny and sweet person!


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As you can probably tell from my first article, I love movies so much. They make me happy because I can watch different actors I love and see stories that are inspiring and entertaining!

5 seconds of summer

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I love 5sos, their music makes me feel really happy and their songs have nice meanings behind them. They are such a great band & I also love Calum because he’s so adorable & sweet!


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Reading makes me happy because I can lose myself in a story with great characters, plots, and settings that are different from stuff I have experienced!


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I couldn’t live without music, I love listening to it all the time. It makes me so happy and whenever I feel down I can always listen to it and escape from reality!


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Going on holiday and visiting different countries really makes me happy. I especially love going to the beach and discovering new places somewhere that I’ve never been before!

Tv shows

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Watching tv shows make me feel happy even though some of the messages behind them are quite hard to handle. I really enjoy watching them though as I feel like they have good messages and interesting plot lines!

I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading it :)