Hey guys! I've spoken about journaling ideas in one of my previous articles, which you can find below, and now I want to give you a whole bunch of ways to fill your empty notebooks. As I've mentioned in the previous article, journaling is a great way to express yourself creatively through words and it's also very healing and therapeutic.
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1. Gratitude Journal

Use a notebook to write down a list of all the things you're grateful for every day. Do this when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

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2. Lists

Dedicate an entire notebook to keeping lists. This can replace all the little pieces of paper and sticky notes lying everywhere.

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3. Visualisations

Write down moments in your life that you imagine in your future. These moments could include vacations, having kids, getting married, etc. Write down how you want it to happen and your feelings in these moments and watch your notebook fill up.

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4. Song Lyrics and Quotes

Keep a notebook of all your favorite and inspirational quotes and lyrics.

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5. Poetry Journal

This is for all my poets. Keep all your poetry organised in one notebook.

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6. Recipe Book

Create your own custom recipe book by filling a notebook with your favorite recipes.

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7. Fitness/Health Journal

Use a notebook to track your workouts, progress and diet as well as to record workouts and exercises you'd like to try.

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8. Swatch Book

If you're an artsy person, then you can dedicate a notebook to swatching all your paints, colors and even fabrics and makeup or nail polish.

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Thanks so much for reading! I hope I managed to inspire you even if in the slightest way!
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