Mabuhay! (This is like we Filipinos say „Hello!“ to each other .)

Today I want to tell you something about my home the beautiful Philippines 🇵🇭

In the last weeks so many people asked me questions like:

Where are the Philippines?
What kind of people live there?
What religion they have there?
Which continent is it supposed to be?

So, now I decide to write an Article about the Philippines. Each Saturday per week I will choose a different theme about this beautiful country. Of course you can send me a postcard if you have a idea for a special theme ;)

Now, let’s start with some facts:

4 important facts about the Philippines

• The Philippines is an island country near Indonesia and China. In fact it’s an island country in Asia.

• There live more than 106 billions of people on the Philippines.

•The official language is Tagalog

•The Philippines is devided into more than 7000 islands. Per island it’s possible that there is an other language.

3 islands you must visit when you travel to the Philippines:

1. Palawan

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Palawan is the most beautiful island in the world. Beautiful turquoise water. Dreamily bays. Water dungeons. A perfect place for tourists who want to relax, swim and forget for a moment their problems.

2. Boracay

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Boracay is a perfect island for all travelers who love to meet new people. There are so many things to do: Beach partys. Shopping. Jumping from the cliffs. At the restaurants on the beach you can try the delicious Filipino food.

3. Lakawon

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Beautiful scenery, sunsets, so much fun, new adventures, a perfect island to discover the nature and to relax.

On the Philippines are so many places to discover. My favorite island is the one and only Boracay. Because of the beach partys there you can meet new people, find new friends from all over the world. At the little shopping promenade there are tiny souvenir shops. This year I will travel again to the Philippines to visit my family again... and I am so, so excited! Because I haven’t see them about 5 years... Family is means the world for me!

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Next week I will write about „festivals“ where you have to go to. 💁🏽‍♀️


So my friends I hope you like my article! Don‘t forget to give me a ❤️ and to follow me 👇🏾:

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