girl, aesthetic, and blonde image

There is a galaxy that surrounds my soul.
Colors embed the silk, smoky clouds.
I am known to be the sunshine.
The color that cloaks my soul,
powers my personality.
Sometimes my soul contrasts
into black and white colors.
Maybe an evil attempts to corrupt me,
but I am far too pure to ever let that happen.
I may crack and become broken,
but I heal with scars.

Temporarily removed

There is no one who could understand how I feel.
I have the ability to feel isolated,
but the inability to express what bothers me.
My subconscious seems to know things that I do not.
That is why it is hard for me to figure myself out.
I write to give emotions meaning.
I bring these feelings to life by words,
and give others an emotional tether by my writing.
Even if no one could sympathize,
at least they have a glimpse
inside my heart, mind, and soul.

Image by Helena

If anyone could look further inside my mind,
they may be delighted, amused, or in tears.
Both my mind and heart are skeptical.
You must convince me you are trustworthy,
but convince my heart you can be close to me or be my enemy.
However, it is not my choice to determine
if I will be anyone’s enemy or friend.
Emotions will drive them to either love me, or envy me.
No matter, I will continue to remain the same.
My colors may glow or fade,
but no one can throw this sunshine away.

Please do not steal my original writing piece. Thank you for reading~