Hello everyone on this lovely sunny spring day. Today I bring my fourth article from my Bucket List to you, guys. And before I say anything else, I wanna say a huge thank you for those many hearts on the previous articles of this. I was so-so happy about it, when I saw the notifications. Thank you, you are all so sweet. But now, let's see this Bucket list.
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Try sushi

Okay, I know, that's not a big deal, but for me it was something new and cool.When I first taste this little cutie thing, it was something different, but it was so delicious. Sometimes I eat it at home when I have a mood for it. It's cool!

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Have a bonfire

I saw million times in movies and I want one too. Like, the cool and comfy mood around the fire, with your friends or family and you have such a good time together. Wanna anyone from here a good bonfire with a crazy hearter? Haha.

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Visit Los Angeles

Okay, I don't know how much hearters are from losi, but if anyone is from there, just leave me a message or anything. One day I really wanna go there! I love that place so much and it's one of my dream places. Anyone wanna go out with me there?

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Broke a guitar

Okay, I know that sounds funny and horrible in the same time, but why not? I wanna lear how to play it, but it's kinda funny to broke it for million pieces. Okay, don't kill me, please...

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Smash a pie in someones face

Don't you dare to say, that you don't wanna do this to someone. Haha. And it's not that bad for that person who become the pie in his or her face, 'cause he or she can eat the rest what is on his or her face. Cool thing. Haha.

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So, this was my fourth article about my Bucket List. I really hope you enjoyed it. And if you did, just hit that heart button or leave a reaction for me to let me know. And you wanna say something, just message me and we can talk about anything. we can be friends too. Haha. Have a good night/day. Byeee!

LA, out.