I need new clothes plus I wanna slay this summer so I made this post to show u guys what I wanna buy for summer. Enjoy!


1. Shorts

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doesn't matter if its denim or printed or flowy, i need to buy shorts because they're perfect for summer and i don't have any rn

2. Skirts & Dresses

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I wanna buy a black skirt and some colorful & plain black or white dresses so i can combine them with whatever i want.

3. Jumpsuites & Overalls

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they're so easy to throw on!

4. Shirts / Blouses & Sets

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5. Swimsuits & Sunglasses

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1. Eyelash curler & Mascara

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2. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

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i need this ASAP

3. Eyeliner & Eyeshadow

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my favorite eyeshadows are peachy & neutral ones

4. Highlighter

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highlighter makes everything better plus when I wear it i feel like a queen

That's it for today! I hope u guys liked reading this!! Send me a message if u have some recommendations on the products i wanna buy or if u just want to chat!

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