Hey! I'm new here so I thought I could make some friends. In this first article, I'll talk a little bit about me so if you have common interests as me, feel free to DM me! Enjoy!
|| Also, sorry for my grammar, english isn't my first language.||

1. I'm a dog person.

dog, cute, and animal image
My favorite dog is this cute little thing. I also like huskies,golden retrievers and more.

2. I like to read.

books image
The last book I read was 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare.

3. My dream is to travel to London.

london, travel, and city image
In fact, this dream is going to come true this September cause I'll be moving in Harlow, UK. Anyone from there?

4. I love music.

blue, pastel, and aesthetic image
And I like to sing too. Some of my friends think I have the voice, but it is not true. :)))

5. I'm a very positive person and I like to make new friends.

Image by Florezzy

6. My eyes are brown.

Image by elnura2205
Exactly this shade.

7. I am 1.70 cm.

8. I love to take pictures in nature.

9. I heve 4 little brothers.

baby, boy, and eyes image
They are 8 months, 6, 8 and 10 years. They all have blue eyes.

10. I love to walk at night.

McDonalds, themse, and london eye at night image
I find it relaxing to walk at night cause is quiet and you know..the lights and the sound of the city at night..yeah, I love it.

So that was my first article guys,hope you like it and I hope to make friends here. The main purpose of this is that I can write about my experiences in this journey to London, when I'll be there I will take a lot of photos and show you guys the part of this lovely city-that I can't wait to see- through my eyes. Thank you for reading! Peace & Love