Hello everyone, this is my first article and I thought why not be basic and write something about myself. I've been using WeHeartIt for a long time now and none of my followers know something about me. So, I'm going to write 10 facts about me.

So, here we go, have fun reading!

1. My name is 'Silke'

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I always thought my name was Dutch, but apparently it's a German name. It means 'heavenly'.

2. My middle name is 'Roosje'

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Literally translated from Dutch: 'Little Rose'.

3. I'm 17

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Oh my god, I'm almost an adult, I'm not ready. Update: I'm 18 now. And still not ready.

4. I'm from Belgium

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Belgium may be small and not well known, but I love it.

5. I'm in love with languages & traveling

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Languages I can speak/am learning: Dutch (mother language), French, German, English and Spanish.


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Say their names and you'll have my attention instantly. I can't even explain what they mean to me.

7. My lucky number is 7

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The second picture is the reason why it's my favourite number. (If you get it I love you.)

8. I have 3 dogs, and I adore them.

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My dogs are yorkshire terriers, in case you didn't get it. (The 4th picture really looks like one of my dogs, it's almost creepy)

9. I'm a family person

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It's not just my parents and sister that I can't go without, also my grandparents and even great-grandma (my other great-grandparents died, just so you don't think I hate them).

10. My friends are important to me too

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They are almost family, i don't know what I would do without them. (These are my pictures, I'm the girl in the white jacket btw.)

I hope you enjoyed my article!
And 'tot de volgende keer' (until next time) as they say in Dutch!