Hi there! So today I actually wanted to talk to you about my life - again, yes- (it's true I'm really just talking about me for now, but it's because WHI is kind of like my journal, and it will change soon I promise I'm going to talk about other things.

Okay, so first:

⌘ Travelling why?

As you might know from my article where I present myself:

I'm studying English at the University, I'm now at the end of my second year, and during the third one, students can go a year (or a semester) abroad, with the erasmus+ program.
So of course I decided to try and go abroad, towards a whole new adventure.

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⌘ Where were my first choices?

You actually have to make choices of where you want to go, so the choice was TOUGH really, but I finally chose:

  • Galway - Ireland
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I've never been to Ireland, so I wanted to obviously.
  • Dublin - Ireland
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  • Nottingham - United Kingdom / Great Britain
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As I'm studying English I opted for two English speaking countries, not so far from France.

⌘ So why Slovenia ?

So truth is that for some reason my application for those cities has been declined so I had what I call "les destinations poubelles" which in English means something like "garbage destinations" because these are the destinations available because nobody wants them as they're first choice.
Anyway, they offered me those cities:

  • Ljubljana - Slovenia
  • Orebro - Sweden
  • Warsaw - Poland
  • Craiova - Romania
  • Tartu - Estonia

They asked me to put those destinations from the one I would prefer to go to the one I really don't want to. So I put them in the same order as I give them to you before. ↑

So it stressed me out, but I finally got an answer, on Friday afternoon and I'm heading to Ljubljana, Slovenia next year !!

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I can't wait to live there, to live a wonderful adventure, with wonderful new people/ friends !! ♡

Thanks a lot for reading, I love to write more and more every day.

Mil ☯