We spend our lives thinking about the mistakes.

book, girl, and vintage image

Things we wish we could take back. If I could I would take them back and I'd burn them.

kiss, love, and red image

I beg you to never know me. To forget every wrong thing I ever did, I ever said. Forgive me for what I've done.

Image by Μαδαλινα

I'm sitting in the darkness and I know they're coming for me.

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The skies open

sky, clouds, and dark image

and the ghosts came back. These are the witnesses, the ones who know all my sins.

hands, door, and grunge image

Where I've been, the past and the present.

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They take the forms of the forgotten, unknown, never allowed.

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I failed all of you. I let you all die. I let you go.

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Part of me is next to me.

Image by Kiiwii

Today is the day I get to go home... to you.

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All of the journey, from the travelling road

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to the strange sightings,

sea, vintage, and ocean image

the vision of beauty,

summer, girl, and ocean image

the odd disruptions.

sea and boy image

They're all for you. For your power and love.

beach, love, and couple image

Holding me, next to me.

Image by trxp

And here's the second part!

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