We should take notice of the simple things around us that make us happy. For instance, the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, the long walks, talking with someone close to you about meaningful or not so meaningful things, laughing until your stomach muscles start to ache, the smell after raining, etc.

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Sometimes my parents can be the most judgmental people in the world. Today my mother and I were heading to an Art Festival when out of nowhere she told me I looked like I was in pain while walking in my high heel boots. That was just what my confidence needed. I just looked at her and told her, "Okay, mom, thanks for sharing your opinion with me after wearing these shoes for nearly an year". After we got home I asked my grandma if I looked funny, while walking in the boots. Her response: "You're graceful like a basketball player playing basketball in high heels". I laughed it off, while internally I was crying from frustration.

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After the encounter with my lovely family, I got in a huge fight with my best friend. I was so angry that I had stopped in the middle of the street trying to defend myself on the phone. I was on the verge of crying when I felt something nudging against my leg. I looked down and I saw a pregnant cat bumping her head against me. It was the cutest thing ever. It melted my heart. I started hugging her, while trying to be careful not to hurt her.

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Literally me while the people on the street were watching me like I was out of my mind

Pay attention to the little things surrounding you. Life is beautiful. Enjoy as much moments as you can in it. Despite being annoying from time to time, your family and friends love you.