When you're alone at night and all you have are your thoughts.

You sit in a silent room, comforted by your sheets, and the sound of your breathing.

But It's scary, being alone scares me.

Not for the fear of ghosts and goblins. But the fear of my thoughts, rushing back at me and consuming all the positive ones.

Because when you're alone, in a silent room; all you have are your thoughts. And you often can't control them.

They haunt you, like a cold whisper, yet it's a shout.

I hate being alone because no matter what I've overcome, no matter how much I tell myself that I'm fine, I'm not fine. And with the busy hours of everyday life, you don't get the time to think about yourself.

What you hate, what you fear.

When you're alone at night you begin to think about every dark thought. Everything that makes you sad.

I'm afraid of the dark.

Not for what lies beyond it. But of what goes on in my mind while the lights are off.

When I close my eyes I picture my sadness. But when I open my eyes, it's still dark. I still see all my fears before me.

When morning comes, my eyes are puffy, and I'm not the same.

It doesn't happen all the time, only sometimes. Usually after something bad has happened.

It leaves me time to think.

I hate being alone in a dark room at night because it gives me time to think. But I thank it.

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For if I didn't have that time, all to myself....... I fear I'd be more broken.

Sometimes thinking about what makes you sad, thinking about what scares you; sometimes that's the only way you overcome it.

The only time you get to analyze it.

We fear our minds because they leave us to think.

But I think what I fear the most is the person I would be if I didn't overthink, every.....little......thing.