you guys don't know me at all so heres some facts about me and kpop!!
1) first kpop song ?
i first heard just right by got7.
2) how'd you discover kpop ?
youtube comment section.
3) first female bias ?
blackpink rosé!
4) first male bias ?
bts namjoon!
5) first favorite kpop group ?
bts for sure, i fell in love from the start.
6) first kpop choreography you learned ?
peek a boo by red velvet! my ult girl group!
7) favorite kpop group rn ? ♨
atm wjsn and bts
8) first kpop reality show ?
american hustle life
9) not counting your bias group; which other group will have a special place in your heart ?
seventeen, got7, nct and twice!
10) what was life like before kpop ?
i was a carefree middle schooler, obsessed with youtube and netflix and i actually had a lot of fun! i wonder what i would be doing if i didn't find kpop..
11) first kpop thing you ever bought ?
a bts album
12) how has kpop changed your life ?
for the most part, for the benefit. i made some new friends. during most of middle school i was a very judgmental girl, so I've learned to be more open minded