Snow in March and late winter is nothing new for this area, but I was really looking forward to spring.
Being in the Caribbean for 6 months, it only confirmed my love-hate relationship with hot weather. I like it for a while, but at the end of the day I just can't do it. Can't stand it. While I was there, I was looking forward to coming home and cold weather, but enough is enough. And spring is not that hot, it's the perfect weather. March means smell of spring breeze, blossoms everywhere, road trips, being outside in the nature more. Now, with the weather being like this, all I do is avoiding responsibilities and stay at home as much as I can, which is all the time. Luckily (??) right now I'm unemployed. Everything has it's perks, see. * cries on the inside *
March is almost over, so hopefully April will be better.
Anyway, staying at home lot of the time is fine, I like being in my cozy room and watch horror movies, Simpsons or Masterchef (yes, Masterchef...) 24/7, but I'm bored! I wanna go out and spend some time in nature, I need it. I plan to start hiking again, but all in good time.
I just wanna be productive with whatever it is, and I don't like doing nothing, wasting my time and being bored.
So, all I can do now is make some pancakes, write a few blog posts and finally edit my travel video for September, and I'll consider this as a successful Saturday.