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Today I´ll be giving you some tips on how to start your day right. I hope you find them useful!

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This is crucial for me! I can´t imagine waking up and looking around my bedroom seeing a huge mess... 👎 I like to make sure that my bedroom is shipshape and Bristol fashion.
(I can be really fussy when it comes to cleaning/hygiene and organization, lol).
Likewise, you can spare time and avoid getting in a bad mood early in the morning by preparing the day before the clothes you want to wear the next day as well as packing your (school) bag.

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As a tea lover, I enjoy drinking a cup of tea in the mornings. It hydrates my body, warms me up and prepares me for the day. My favorites are green tea, ginger tea (love its spicy taste) and peppermint tea.
Did you know that daily ginger consumption improves memory and cognition by protecting the brain from oxidative stress, apoptosis, and inflammation? Perfect for a work/study day! 🍵

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The body uses up all our reserves during the night, so that we must fill them up in the morning. This way we are energized and ready to start the day. I know this can be problematic, especially when you must wake up really early in the morning, so try drinking at least a smoothie!

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Open your window and take deep breaths! Relax, don’t stress out. You are going to make it through the day, just as you have the days before.
Take advantage of the morning air, because it has less dust, exhaust and smoke: oxygen levels in the lower atmosphere are at that moment of the day higher, as the photosynthesis process has just started. 💨

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Taking a warm shower in the morning is extremely pleasant and it helps relax your muscles. But did you know that ending your shower with cold water is good for the blood circulation, reduces your pores and helps against flaccid skin? 🚿

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I would be showering all day with those views! Haha
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