Do one thing everyday
that scares you

I am recently really trying to live by this quote.
It is magical, believe me.

Last week I did so many things which were new for me which I haven't done before and about which I became a bit flustered.
But I did them. And afterwards it was always the best thing to do.

Life begins
at the end of your comfort zone
That is
where the magic happens

Now I can asure you that this is so true.
You sometimes have to put yourself into new or even a bit scary situations (which doesn't imply walking through an unsafe alley in the middle of the night or stuff like that) to learn a bit more about yourself and also see how much you can achieve, how strong and brave you really are.

I myself had the really amazing thought quite often the last week of "Wow, did that just really happen? I never thought I can do something like that! I am so much more than I thought I was."

And once you start doing new things it comes so easy.
As I am a bit scared of socializing (I am very often concerned of other peoples thoughts and if they like me or not) it is quite hard for me to talk to new people or even ask friends to do something with me. Also I was uncomfortable with being alone. (These things actually sound very conflictive)
But the last weeks I just did it. I tried to eliminate my antizipations about what bad and uncomfortable things might happen and I focused on the fun and new experience it could bring.
I can proudly say that I was very successful and it was one of the most fulfilling times for months.
Also because (it felt like karma) people opened to me as I made a step towards them and new doors opened as I stepped outside.

So I really want to convince you to try it out and take a step our of your personal comfort zone. Do one thing everyday that scares you. And that's when magical things start to happen.

Lots of love!