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Ok, so this game goes like this. We're making an aesthetic of 10 D.C.'s heroes, with their characteristics, and you try to identify yourself with some of them. Without more chat, let's get started!!

S u p e r m a n :

reaction, meme, and mood image quotes, believe, and good image indie, fashion, and vintage image neon and superman image blue, city, and white image clouds, sky, and blue image

Loves Photography.
"Kindness doesn't cost a damn thing".
Always trying to save the world.
Drinks milk from the carton.
Inocent and calm, but if you make him mad... you'll see.
Makes everything for the people he loves.
"Aliens are real".

F l a s h :

neon, neon signs, and ⚡ image future, past, and present image Inspiring Image on We Heart It tree, fog, and forest image pizza, food, and cheese image aesthetic and science image

Running freak.
Loves science and maths.
Eats like there's no tomorrow.
"My childhood traumas grew me strong, but let my heart intact".
Falls in love with his best friend.
Clever boy.
Coffee time!
"What would you do if could change the past?"

W o n d e r W o m a n :

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed accessory, hair, and pretty image aesthetic, athena, and genius image Temporarily removed Mature image

"Feminist as f*ck!".
Sweet but strong.
Loves history and mythology.
Reads a lot on her free time.
"Courage isn't the absence of fear... but the knowledge that there is something more important than it".
Always beats boys.

G r e e n A r r o w :

aesthetic image green, light, and neon image green, neon, and light image boy, eyes, and model image beach, sea, and ocean image wallpaper and green arrow image

"The hero never gets the girl".
Always being serious.
Broken Heart.
Looking for a fresh start.
Loves martial arts and exercise- Is sporty.
Overprotective with the people around him.
Imposing and a little bit scary.
"I tried to escape the darkness, but I realized the darkness never goes away".

R o b i n :

Image removed beautiful boy, city lights, and cute boy image red, aesthetic, and quotes image college and study image Inspiring Image on We Heart It allstar, caption, and converse image

Master at combat.
"Am I adopted?".
Laughing 'till his stomach aches.
Loves crminology.
The happy one of the squad.
Positive, strategy thinking.
Leader from birth.
"Sweet little boy in a cruel world".

A q u a m a n :

boy, eyes, and green image ocean, quotes, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed boy, water, and bath image pale, blue, and pastel image Temporarily removed

Loves swimming and the sea.
"Let the waves wash out my problems".
The weirdo friend.
Doesn't know how to talk to girls.
Is really into 'artsy' tattoes.
"Mermaids exist!".
Looks indiferent but actually cares.
Always getting into trouble, even if he doen't want to.

A t o m :

science, aesthetic, and pin image Temporarily removed boy and aesthetic image Temporarily removed eyes, eye, and green image glass, people, and small image

Physics are his life.
"Small but though!".
Is super adorable and childish.
Always makes everything look easy.
Has the brightest smile ever.
"I'm a perfect mixture of ATOMS".
Making dumb faces when being in front of a mirror.
His work is all that matters.

B e a s t B o y :

green, slytherin, and snake image food and healthy image raven, teen titans, and beast boy image boy image forest, green, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Vegetarian, obviously.
"Beast at the outside, child of soul".
Charisma is his ace under the sleeve.
Loves videogames and (veggie) pizza.
The child of the group.
Always gets the girl at the end.
"Don't grow up, it's a trap!".
Get's embarassed at everything.

B l a c k C a n a r y :

Temporarily removed Image removed aesthetic, banshee, and girl image background, girl, and photography image hero, neon, and aesthetic image texture and wattpad image

Doesn't let others protect her. She protects herself.
Screams like hell.
"Now, I want to inspire others".
Martial Arts and Law.
She's justice itself.
Has the best dance skills ever.
"I'm a weirdo, but I'm from this earth".
Eats french fries with milk shake.

B a t g i r l :

aesthetic, alternative, and character image purple, neon, and aesthetic image city, light, and night image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Loves computers -Actually, is a very good hacker-.
Martial arts and criminology.
Has detective skills.
Secretly in love with art (music, painting, dancing, etc.).
"What if I wanted to kiss you tomorrow?"
Is a master at sarcasm and sensuality.
"Nothing is gonna change my mind".

The End!
I hope you liked it. Send me your postcards telling me who D.C. hero you are.

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