Everybody has this particular area in their life they'd like to improve on, bigger or smaller. I consider my area to be a quite common problem in teens and a really difficult one to improve or even just work on: Structure.

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Structure is everywhere in your life, from the moment you wake up to whenever you've decided to fall asleep. Everybody has some sort of structure, it doesn't matter how awfully chaotic you feel about your own life: Your brain unconsciously structures your whole day. And there is my problem.

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If this is what a messy desk looks like to you - you have no idea!

I'm not normal-messy, no. I'm the kind of messy that forgets to pick up that same old piece of paper on the floor I've been meaning to pick up (and repeatedly told to) for the past week. I'm the kind of messy that has about three empty water bottles and four dirty mugs on her desk and just doesn't see it. It's not that I don't wanna pick it up or that I just forget, no: I just don't see it. I'm the kind of messy who, and this has happened several times, not only completely forgets to pack her bag - NO! - I forget to take it with me to school. I just walk away from home with nothing on my shoulders and it takes me about 20 minutes or even half an hour until I realise I forgot everything.

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I've been diagnosed with ADD, which basically makes me a very forgetful, inattentive and impulsive person - in addition to having a concentration span of about 10 minutes. I don't take medication, since it's really not that severe. I'm learning to work with it, but it surely doesn't help with structure!

My problems in structure can be traced back - like in most people - to the way my brain works. I'm a person that works a lot with her right brain and rarely uses their left half, which basically means this:

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I'm the best at language and I can tell you some random story I just thought of in a heart beat, but actually planning ahead? Making decisions? Repetitive tasks? No, thank you. Thing is I have no interest whatsoever in changing that. I mean, look at the picture. Which one looks more fun? The right one. It may be the most difficult if you're at school and have to act like an actual adult, but who wants that anyways.

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So it may happen that I have breakfast for dinner or that I go to sleep at 3 am even if I know I have to wake up at 6 am. I act on intuition rather than logic, because, at the end of the day, that's what needs the least self control and concentration. So what to do when you're a mess?

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If you can't do it subconsciously, force yourself! Have morning, after school and night routines, write them down, pin them somewhere.

I make sure my routines have drinking water/tea, cleaning up and self care included, which are points that really help your brain and your mindset in general.

When I feel myself getting too messy and overwhelmed, I take a break. Is your room too messy to clean up? It's alright, open the window, leave the room, look at some inspiration, drink water, breathe some fresh air and then go back to it. Your right brain will not be happy about it, so just listen to some calm music while you clean up.

Cleaning up and routines are essential to have some sort of structure in life generally

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Limit the time on your phone, since your phone itself is made to distract your brain and pop up with random informations/notifications to distract you every few seconds.

This topic for the 26th day of the 30 days writing challenge ("an area in life you would like to improve on") comes in incredibly handy, because I have basically forgotten (and therefore completely failed the purpose of this challenge) to upload the last 4 days of the challenge. How, you ask? Well, I simply forgot to actually write down and upload the ideas in my head. Awesome, isn't it? However, I've decided to finish it anyways. I'll be uploading the rest of the articles over this weekend. It's much more fun to view it as an article marathon than as my desperate attempt to make up for it. Hope you enjoyed this long article and that it could be helpful in some way!

- Eli