Hello & welcome to this article. If you are already following my collection about a certain Hayden Renner, then you probably know that she is one of my OCs that I created for a story I'm working on (called "Teenage Drama"- it's not my final desicion to name it that way though).

I am writing this article not only for everyone who is interested in the characters but also for myself to have a better overview about each character.

Should there be any bad spelling mistakes, I'm very sorry. English is not my native language...so please don't judge :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this article. Let's start.

Who is Hayden?

- she was born on July 1
- her parents are divorced, Hayden & her younger sister live with their mother
- 5"9
hair colour: blonde
eye colour: green
eye, eyes, and green image naked, touch, and alone image
- she's got natural curls that remind people of the hair of an angel
- that's why angel is her nickname
hair, blonde, and field image aesthetic, athena, and pjo image angel, wings, and model image Image by S
- actually isn't really fond of her hair
- is straightening it regularly
- prefers having her hair down
- never visists the hairdresser because she's afraid that it might turns out ugly
- cuts her hair herself since she is 12
hair and blonde image Temporarily removed
- uses makeup in neutral colours
- wears a lot of pink lipstick or lipstick in general
pink and makeup image brown, beige, and aesthetic image
- is a real stereotype girl when the topic is about makeup & clothes
- loves shopping (especially alone because she can go whereever she wants then)
Lyrics, style, and Taylor Swift image body and quotes image
- dresses very girly (a lot of pink, beige & gold)
- often wears that one special necklace that she got from elena & louisa on one of her birthdays
lace, white, and vintage image fashion image bra, fashion, and girl image accessories, beauty, and girly image
- eats healthy
- obsessed with strawberries
- her favourite food is mushroom risotto made by her grandma
- treats herself with chocolate quite often (but that's actually the only kind of sweet stuff that she is eating)
breakfast, eat, and health image strawberry, food, and summer image chocolate and pink image food, rice, and risotto image
- loves any kind of juice (especially apple juice)
drink, tumblr, and pink image fruit, food, and summer image
- is really sporty
- is training swimming two times a week
- jogging more than two times a week
water, hands, and blue image swim, legs, and swimming image
- favourite colour is pink
- listens to music from the 90's
- Spice Girls (her favourite is Baby Spice)
pink, aesthetic, and silk image spice girls, paris, and music image
- adores perfumed candles (owns way too many of them)
- visits the manicurist regularly
beige, brown, and tan image Image by A girl with kaleidoscope eyes
- out of all the characters she would definitetly have the most followers on instagram
- using instagram a lot
- hates chaos
- always has a plan
quotes, power, and inspiration image fashion, indie, and movie image
- hates being hungry so she always has a snack with her
- enjoys going on partys
- drinks alcohol (sometimes even too much)
food, fruit, and red image alcohol, beer, and party image
- just wants a nice & caring guy to be her boyfriend
- a lot of boys at her school are calling her the sexbomb
- had many bad experiences with boys her age
pin, heart, and pink image quotes, heart, and sad image
- loves the way roses smell
- is a model 24/7
pink, beauty, and rose image girl, hair, and braid image
- her favourite animals are horses
- many people think she is dumb because she sometimes acts quite naive but actually she is really intelligent (she's really good at maths and science)
quotes, words, and i can image horse and animal image
- always says that louisa & her are the grandmas of their group because they are always chilling, chatting & drinking tea together
- louisa, elena & joanna are her best friends
tea, quote, and pink image friends, friendship, and bff image
- hayden would describe herself as the mom of the group because she is one year older than them
- is also very close to annabelle (although the others don't really like her because of her behaviour)
party image friends, girl, and beach image
- knows annabelle & christian since she was a little kid
- goes on a lot of parties with them
- louisa thinks that they might have a bad influence on her
- she's a very calm person
- she's not trusting people that easily
- panics very fast & doesn't know how to deal with difficult situations that she'd never experienced before
tattoo image quotes image
- has a very dark sense of humour
- is kind-hearted and wants to work for an aid organisation at some point in her life

(...to be continued...)

Thank you very much for reading. Hope you enjoyed :)
Have a great day xxx
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