You looked at me with those eyes and I would have done anything for you. But you said nothing because you knew, you knew I wouldn’t have been able to leave if you did. Instead your soft lips lifted upwards creating your usual crooked little smile but this time it didn't quite reach your dark eyes. It broke my heart, how your expression mirrored mine. It broke yours too.
I know I am probably being melodramatic, saying all the stupid things I was once making fun of, cheesy words many have said before me. Perhaps time is going to help, maybe I won’t think of you as often and our song will eventually became just another sound. But for now the heartbreak is a never leaving shard in my guts.
It’s weird how much I want to be free of you and yet I never wanted anything more than you. At this point I am not even sure if I am making any sense.
These few seconds, when I took the first step away from you turned every moment we spent together into painful memories. I wanted to pull my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around my shins but I had no other choice than to keep going.
I was afraid to look back, to see your eyes one more time. I have never seen eyes darker than yours, two endless pools of black ink. I knew from the start they were bottomless but all I wanted to do was to try and find the end. I don’t think I’ll ever find as much light as I did in your darkness.
My head turned slowly and I realized that my vision was blurry. I felt the muscles of my chin tremble as I tried to hold back my tears. My heart was beating so loud and fast that I felt my heartbeat in every inch of my body and I couldn’t hear anything else.
I couldn’t help but think how miserable we looked, two teenagers who still loved each other saying their goodbyes through sad smiles.

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