I hope someone will read this. If not then this will be my diary.

Who am I?

I am 15 years old soon to be 16 years old girl. I don't think my name is important so let's say that my name is BLACK.
I am bisexual, so haters back off.
I am a big 5 Seconds of Summer fan.
I am a big reader.
I am depressed.
I have a crush on a fuckboy and on a tomboy.
My English is the worst you will ever see.
I wanna move to Australia or to Norway.
I am a dog and a cat person.

What will I write about

I will write here every weekend and tell you about my week. So there will be a lot of boys and girls drama, a lot about how much I hate school.
Sometimes I will talk about politics and world. A lot of cats and dogs.

Hope you will like me