Probably one of the most horrible feelings you ever feel. The tragic thing about it is that we never stop feeling it. We always fear something. We are always afraid of something. Nevertheless, we keep accepting situations even though we know that we will be totally scared of these.


we have to think about it all the time. It is like an obsession. We imagine every possibility how this thing, this situation we fear so much, could turn out. Not even able to concentrate. We only want to escape and get it done. We ask ourself why we had to accept it; Why we had to go through this again. Cause life could be so much easier if we would stop facing challenges.


but after you did it, after you fought against your fear, you are proud that you made it and happier than ever before. and even though you thought you would never get through it and this would be the worst challenge in your life, you make it. and then there comes the next fear and you re-experience everything over and over.

my point is

that some things might seem like the end of the world. but at the end, you make it through everything. challenges will continue to come but see them as a chance to experience.