I've seen a few articles about K-pop biases... And it looks so fun to do so here I am doing my own version of it.

So let's get started!

Who is your most beautiful bias?

There are a lot of good looking idols out there... And honestly this is a hard question, but if i had to choose then it would be:


bigbang, top, and big bang image bigbang, kpop, and top image


Temporarily removed Image removed

Which bias would you like to have a friendship with?

Chen ( EXO )

Image removed Temporarily removed

Amber ( F(x) )

amber, f(x), and amber liu image amber, kpop, and style image

Among your biases, which would you like to date?

Before doing this i tried making a list to make this easier and honestly that didn't happen...

Mark ( NCT )

boy, idol, and johnny image mark, nct, and kpop image
Fun fact: I actually listened to one of their first songs without the video so i didn't actually know what Mark looked like but i fell in love with his voice, well his rapping.

Also I have a few of these... So the others are:

Leo ( VIXX )

aesthetics, grey, and kpop image kpop, jung, and Leo image

Ju-ne ( iKON )

Temporarily removed Ikon, kpop, and junhoe image

Jeongyeon ( TWICE )

jeongyeon, twice, and bias image twice, bias, and yoo jeongyeon image

a soloist

Jay Park

jay park and kpop image Temporarily removed
another fun fact: He has the same hair as me in the first picture... I have the same undercut. 😄


jessi and kpop image beautiful, kpop, and rapper image

favourite leader


Seventeen, s.coups, and seungcheol image Seventeen, s.coups, and seungcheol image

favourite maknae

Ren ( Nu'est )

Image removed kpop, lfl, and kpoper image

Besides Ren, there are a few more:


changkyun, monsta x, and i.m image changkyun, monsta x, and i.m image

Sungjong ( INFINITE )

beautiful, kpop, and sungjong image Image by 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐭。

Suzy ( MISS A )

actress, kdrama, and miss a image kpop, suzy, and miss a image

Changmin ( TVXQ )

Image removed Image removed

favourite dancer

Seulgi ( RED VELVET )

black and white, kang seulgi, and kpop image seulgi, red velvet, and kang seulgi image

favourite vocal

Jonghyun ( SHINee )🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

blue, Jonghyun, and k-pop image Jonghyun, k-pop, and korean image
As you all already know, this beautiful person is no longer with us... But while making this list i realized that most of my biases are rappers, with exceptions of a few vocals, visuals and dancers. Jonghyun was and still is my favorite member of SHINee and still stands as my favorite vocal. You did well angel. 🌹

favourite rapper

E'dawn ( PENTAGON )

k-pop, pentagon, and triple h image edawn, pentagon, and kpop image

Zico ( Block B )

zico, block b, and woo jiho image zico and block b image

Daniel ( Wanna One )

Image removed Temporarily removed

Yongguk ( B.A.P )

bap, b.a.p, and yongguk image yongguk, b.a.p, and bap image

Jackson ( GOT7 )

Image removed Image by Kim Somyun


Image removed Temporarily removed

other female biases

HyunA ( 4MINUTE )

hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image Image removed

CL ( 2NE1 )

CL, 2ne1, and kpop image Image removed

other male biases

Hyunseung ( BEAST )

beast, good luck, and hyunseung image hyunseung, beast, and good luck image

Peniel ( BTOB )

btob, peniel, and kpop image kpop, btob, and paniel image

Takuya ( CROSS GENE )

japan, soft, and подборка image cross gene and takuya image

Yijeong ( HISTORY )

Temporarily removed history, kpop, and yijeong image

Neil ( TEEN TOP )

Temporarily removed neil and teen top image

Jenissi ( TOPP DOGG )

jenissi and topp dogg image jenissi and toppdogg image

Changbin ( STRAY KIDS )

stray kids, changbin, and seo changbin image kpop, stray kids, and changbin image

Donghae ( SUPER JUNIOR )

donghae and superjunior image donghae and superjunior image

Youngmin & Kwangmin ( BOYFRIEND )

Temporarily removed boyfriend, jo youngmin, and jo twins image
Now i know some of you will say i only like both of them because they are twins and look so much alike, but i actually do like both of them as individuals, each of them having something different i like.

ultimate bias

RM ( BTS )

Temporarily removed Image removed

Big thank you to:

Who gave me the idea to do this and here is her bias tag:

Until next time... Bye! ❤️

NJ ❤️