And the Oscars of goddessoftea goes to...

Leonardo DiCaprio

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He has so much talent and is (for me personally) the king of acting <3 Sometimes I just sit in front of the TV and was flashed by his acting

Jensen Ackles

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This man is one of the talented actors I've ever seen in TV. His acting in #Supernatural is fantastic and if he wasn't "just" a TV-actor, he would become a (real) Oscar

David Tennant

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Most known for his role in #DoctorWho as the tenth doctor, David Tennant is one of the talented british actors! (although the selection is pretty small, isn't it?) Like Leonardo DiCaprio, he convinces everyone with every role.

Emma Watson

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#GRLSPWR :) we all know the smart witch called "Hermione Granger" in the Harry Potter books/films, but did you ever observe her acting? sorry, I couldn't hear you... But it's fantastic and feels so natural!

Last but not least..

Tom Hardy

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And also a so much talented man! Did you see his performing in "Legend" as Ronald and Regi? and again, I didn't hear you... but his acting was...well... legendary

so, this was my first article and I hope it's not too shitty... Of course are out there many many other great actors too :) But who are your favourite actors? And sorry for grammar faults or something like that, english isn't my mother tongue *bye*