Hi, it's me, Lili again, and I'm back with an article which is again a TAG, namely the This is Me Challenge. Yeah, I know, it's the third tag about me and I don't know how many people like it, but if you want to know me some interesting thing just stay with me and enjoy my article! 😉
I'm sorted this 12 question these articles... 👇

But i don't want to rob your time, just start the article! 😘

1, Style

Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, adidas, and jeans image

2, Music

Best, music, and perfect image impossible, song, and james arthur image the pretty reckless and Taylor Momsen image Temporarily removed rock, love, and hollywood vampires image actor, bad boy, and black and white image dani, danielle, and danielle bregoli image danielle bregoli image
James Arthur, The Pretty Reckless, Hollywood Vampires, Bhad Bhabie

3, Movies

pirates of the caribbean and skull image Temporarily removed the wolf of wall street and leonardo dicaprio image art, concept, and creativity image
Pirates of the Caribbean, Transcendence, The Wolf of Wall Street, Inception

4, Series

gossip girl, love, and chuck bass image Temporarily removed american horror story, ahs, and tate image tate, violet, and love image
Gossip Girl, American Horror Story

5, Actors

Temporarily removed leonardo dicaprio image Image removed
Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Westwick

6, Colors

Temporarily removed quote, text, and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It peach, aesthetic, and makeup image
Black, claret red, pink, peach pink

7, Animals

dog, piano, and music image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Dog, cat, wolf

8, Drinks

art, coffee, and drawing image book, coffee, and black and white image cup, bird, and forest image
Yes, I'm a very big coffee addicted! 😂

9, Food

Temporarily removed pizza, cute, and food image Temporarily removed
Pizza, hamburger

10, Hobbies

quotes, why not, and funny image music, fly, and guitar image
Writing, listening to music

11, Places

Temporarily removed new york and words image Temporarily removed johnny depp, la, and los angeles image Temporarily removed hello, photography, and paris image
New York, Hollywood, Paris


Lyrics, music, and quotes image mistakes, illusion, and quotes image Image removed music, quotes, and listen image

Thanks for the reading, I hope you know me very well, and if you like this post and you want some post like this yet, give me a heart, follow my other collections and read my other tags! 😉❤
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