Hello my lovelies
Because one of my biggest passions are books,i decided to share with you every week the book that i was reading that week.That way i hope i will help you to choice your next book and hope you will enjoy them as much as i do.
So lets start with the first book...

The Columbus Afair-Steve Berry
A family secret, a ruthless fanatic, and an extended arm of the American government is all linked to an incredible story.
What if we all know about the discovery of America is a lie? What if that lie is invented to conceal the mystery why Columbus sailed in 1492?And what if the secret that has been kept for 500 years can forcefully change the modern political world?

You want to know the answers to all of this questions?Well than this is book for you.Keep up with the Americans,Jamajans and Jews and find out together about the Columbus and the secret wealth hidden in the cave of the Jamaica and find out if the whole fairy tales are real and who was Columbus for real.

For me this book was amazing and i had chance to learn more for Jews people cause i really want to know more about different religions and cultures.

Hope you would read this book and like it as much as me.
Thank you for reading my article.
Until the next time
Siyah Prenses