At some point of your life you might want to start a healthy and fitness lifestyle, but you don't know how, so you just keep pushing it till tomorrow, next week or even next year.
Here are some of the tips and habits that I'll use and see if it rly helps me in this new stage of my life.

1. Drink more water

Water is the key. It can be flavoured water or simple water, its up to u!

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Always remember to stay hydrated.

2. Healthy Breakfast

The biggest tip I can give u is to start ur day with a healthy breakfast.

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It will put u in the mood to keep eating healthy for the rest of the day.

3. Workout

It can be a struggle, but u just need to start slow.
There's no need to rush, do it 2 or 3 times a week if u are a beginner. With time and patience u will increase the number of times u workout per week.

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Remember u dont need a gym.

4. Find Motivation

What are ur goals? Think about it and find ur motivation.

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Find ur motivation.

5. Never give up

Good things take time, u can not give up.

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Hope this article helped and inspired u to start or continue a healthy and fit lifestyle. Do it cuz u can.

Blossoming into a badass woman with more faith than fear.