Inspired by JUNE(@myocblog)'s article for her OC-Elena Noll.
For my O.C. Evangeline 'Evan' Charlize Zacek.
Name pronunciation - Evangeline: ee-van-ja-leen; Zacek: zha-chek.

- Born October 22 (she’s a Libra)
- She’s the youngest and only girl of 5 children
- Brunette with heterochromia eyes (one blue, one green)
- Looks and personality inspired by Lynn Gunn and Halsey

active, astrology, and calm image girl, tumblr, and beauty image beautiful, eyes, and strawberry image pvris, lynn gunn, and lyndsey gunnulfsen image

-Favorite hairstyle: Braid or straight-down

people, suffer, and life image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and summer image

-Style consists of graphic tees, black clothing
-Classifies style as girly tomboy

Image by crystalrainbow maggie lindemann image

-Favorite colors: Lilac, yellow, and black
-Drinks a great deal of smoothies, coffee, and flavored water
- Loves pastries

ice cream, food, and rose image yellow, pizza, and aesthetic image coffee, day, and drink image Image removed

-Favorite food: Broccoli and Raspberry
-Really loves Subway hoagies

comida, dieta, and plato image food, ice cream, and fruit image art, chocolat, and coke image

-Loves listening to Green Day, Paramore, Halsey, and Kehlani
-Pretty good at playing bass guitar, singing, and playing drums herself

green day, tre cool, and mike dirnt image kehlani and coachella image music, bass, and fender image black and white, drummer, and female image

-Always optimistic
-Fairly selfless
-Speaks English and slight Spanish and Slavic

strong, positive, and quotes image strong, quotes, and woman image goals, message, and cute image

- Animal rights activist

tattoo, flowers, and feminism image animal, captivity, and cruel image

-Leader not a follower
-Not afraid to speak up

Image removed quotes, world, and speak image

-Romantic, but idealistic
- Dating Micah "Mikey" Zyskowski

introvert, extrovert, and tumblr image baby, black and white, and photography image thomas doherty image

-Very intelligent

blue, ravenclaw, and aesthetic image

-Loves to read
-Loves to draw

books and inspiration image rose, drawing, and tattoo image

-Animal lover
-Loves fashion

girl, beach, and dog image fashion, style, and outfit image

-Slight troublemaker
-Makes delicious vegan brownies

the front bottoms image chocolate, food, and dessert image

-Has multiple piercings and tattoos

girl and hair image tattoo, heart, and grunge image tattoo and pineapple image alternative, indie, and love image

-Best friends with Reagan, Millie, Ansel, and Karleigh

girl, boy, and couple image Temporarily removed dove cameron and thomas doherty image friends, fashion, and friendship image

-Phobia of snakes and spiders, however she loves Lucas the Spider

spider drawing, spider quotes, and lucas the spider image animals, cat, and snake image

-Softball player

Image removed foals, indie rock, and music image Temporarily removed music, guitar, and piano image


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