1) Morning or a night person?
night person, i feel like a bitch in the morning and i probably am one towards my little sister lmao

2) Are you afraid or the dark?
nope, not anymore (i was when i was little yk)

3) Are you an extrovert or an introvert

4) Are you double joined?
don't know what that means lol

5) Left or right handed?
i'm right handed ;)

6) Are you more of a tidy or a messy person?
Well, my room is kinda messy but if you're looking at my notebooks, my notes are so tidy. i can't stand messy notes lol

7) Are you on time or always late?
depends on where i'm going

8) Are you ticklish?
not really

9) Can you curl your tongue?

10) Can you ice skate?
yes, i'm actually pretty good at it :)

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11) Can you wiggle your ears?
nope, i've tried many times but i just can't lol

12) Coffee or tea?

13) Cookies or donuts?
cookies, i steal them every time when i'm home ooops

14) Did you ever participate in a talent show?

15) Did you go to prom?
i dont have prom yet

16) Do you like school?
i'ts not that bad when you're with your friends, so yeah.. i guess i do

17) Do you believe in ghosts?

18) Do you bite your nails?
no, they're actually pretty long

19) Do you consider yourself a good cook?

20) Do you enjoy dancing?
i do, but the thing is that i really can't dance lmao. i tried to do ballet at home because i'm really flexible but i didn't turn out that well

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21) Do you enjoy DIY?
not really

22) Do you forgive easily?
yup, and i hate it

23) Do you have a nickname?
joelloe, i guess idunnooo

24) Do you have any allergies?

25) Do you have any phobias?
yes, i have Atychiphobia (fear of failure), i guess and i'm kinda afraid of growing up. i may sound stupid but yeah.. idk

26) Any piercings or tattoos?
i had earrings, but i never wear them and i don't have tattoos yet, i really want them tho

27) Do you have children?
noooo, i'm only 15, you know

28) Do you have siblings?
yeah, i have a 12 year old sister

29) Do you have pets?
i have one hamster and two rabbits

30) Dogs or cats?
cat, i adore them so much

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31) Mac or PC?

32) Beach or the mountains?
beach, i love the sound of the water floating

33) Bath or shower?

34) Do you sing in the shower?
i do, and i sounds awful but idc

35) Do you smoke?

36) Do you speak any different languages?
i speak dutch and english and i'm still learning german and French

37) Do you still have your wisdom teeth?
yes, i gues

38) Do you watch cartoons?

39) Do you/have you played any sports?
i do gymnastics since the age of seven

40) Does your name have a special meaning?
it does, it means "God will be willing"

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41) Have you ever been to a concert?
nope and i hate it so much. i really want to see halsey, shawn mendes, sam smith and demi lovato live but yeah

42) What's your lucky number?

43) What's your star sign?

44) Who's your celebrity crush?
i have a lot, but right now i would say Shawn Mendes and Tyler Hoechlin

45) Pizza or burger?

46) Favourite movie?
i have a lot but here are a few; Harry Potter, The Notebook, Titanic, The fault in our stars, Narnia and so much more

47) Favourite serie?

48) Favourite colour?
black or maroon

49) Dress or jeans?
jeans, i hate wearing dresses

50) How old are you?
like i said before, i'm 15 years old ;)

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soooo, if you have more question. feel free to ask ;)