When I was a little girl my favourite movie was Tomb Rider-Lara Croft with Angelina Jolie. I always wanted to be like her.I always looked up for strong female characters in movies,like Lara Croft,Selene(Underworld),Beatrix Kiddo(Kill Bill),Fox(Wanted). I wanted to be like one of them ,strong ,beautiful ,someone who can save herself. I was hiding my true self deep inside me.I didnt let myself be myself,and this was the worst thing a girl can do to herself. And whenever I felt sad or shy or goofy ,I thought I am doing something wrong.Because these womans are so strickt,strong-minded and dedicated.And now as I am a grown woman I realized I was wrong about this vision of my mind.There is nothing wrong with being shy sometimes or sad or feeling weak. Let your emotions grow and don't hide it ,because even the bad emotions can teach you a lot of things.And don't feel sorry about being weak sometimes. Everybody has bad days ,and don't feel bad to ask for some help when you need it. Sometimes all you need is to just speak with a good friend.When I was in that lifetime I thought that ask for help means that I can't deal with my life alone, but its not just me. Even Lara Croft has friends that help her in her journey.So I realized I was just focusing to one character ,but didn't realize they are not alone.Everybody needs a little help sometimes ,which is good because we can learn a lot of things if we speak about our problems.There are so many people out there who can help you or teach you a lot of things by their visions. It is a good thing to speak with several people. So just be yourself,be brave enough to show the real you to the others, even if you are goofy or weak or whatever. "We all have a Wonder Woman inside us" let it be born. Just be yourself and I am sure when it is needed you will be strong enough to survive whatever that comes to you.We are so awesome,we can do whatever we want to.And last but not least I recommend all of you beautiful womans to watch a Hayao Miyazaki movie. Because ; "Many of my movies have strong female leads-brave,self -sufficient girls that don't think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart.The'll need a friend ,or a supporter,but never a saviour.Any woman is just capable of being a hero as any man ".
Bless all of you who read it .