I guess you can say that this is just a way to get to know me as a normal human being :).
1.I don't really like being labeled into one category, you know?

2.I really hate stereotypes such as the angry black lady or the girly white girl invading Starbucks. I'm not racist.Don't get me started lol.

3.I'm mixed with chocolate and vanilla along with some puertorican and some greek ;):)

4.I am a Girl Scout. I'm actually going camping in about 2 weeks to Misty Mountain . I should stop bragging now.

5.I came from..my mother's vagin-- ok fine...the US

6.I love cats..they are so fucking adorable :3

7.I have 4 sibling 3/4 of them are annoying as fuck

8.I love african and asian food ;)

9.I have braces...I was excited but tbh...they fucking hurt and they are proof that that Satan exists.

10.I'm bisexual.I peferably like girls more.I respect the rainbow.

11.I hate a lot of people. I don't know why. For some..I have my reasons...but for others..I just hate em XDXD.

12.I used to have a speech disorder but I'm fine now.

13.I want to be in the law enforcement or follow my dad's steps in technology in college

14.I love to draw especially digitally.

15.I admit ..I'm a sinner but then again everyone including christians are.

I'm not self centered btw....lol