Hello my beuties, so I saw a post on tumblr and got inspired to write this article.
Hope you like it,


hairstyle, moon, and crescent image eyes and eye image coffee, book, and notebook image ๐Ÿ’– image
- notices their breathing more than usual, shoulders are always tense, words are sharp but eyes are warm. loves awkwardly, lives hesitantly, magnificence unaware. sometimes they don't notice things that are happening around them. they tap their fingers against cool surfaces, they blink slowly and press their lips into a line when they're tired. when you see them you feel the need to impress them, to get their attention. likes watching documentaries -


girl, flowers, and hair image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
- they have bright eyes and wide smiles, they wear pretty colors and shake their hair out around their shoulders and then tuck the strands behind their ears when they're happy, they blush when you compliment them. they forget to tie their shoelaces and calls things as they see it. can sometimes be really cocky. they like being happy, being special -

Soft sheets

girl, bird, and pale image sky, rainbow, and clouds image fashion image books and candle image
- would rather be sleeping. they give the best hugs, really like birds and try to drink a lot of water but forgets. they don't like wearing socks, they're the kid drawing chalk rainbows on the sidewalk. will engage you in a philosophical discussion while you're in the car, also will jump in every puddle they see. doesn't like loud noises. can be distant and hostile -

Heart shaped candy

Temporarily removed violin, music, and vintage image girl image landscape, photography, and sky image
- plays with their hair too much, wears earrings and doesn't take them off for weeks. likes to daydream and make jokes, but they don't think they're very funny. plays some instruments but the only music they like making is when they're with friends screaming lyrics to dumb songs, is madly in love with the kid sitting a few rows down from them in class. would die and kill for their sibblings, but doesn't seem like it -