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A few days ago, the first question for the advice program of the project #PluieDeSentiments got asked in a message send to me. You can find the account of the sweet hearter below.

💐A is for Angel💐
💐A is for Angel💐

If you got any questions yourself or you need a bit of advice, Noha and I are happy to help you. You can always ask that your question will be answered anonymously.

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How do you heal past wounds? How do you recover after suffering?

The past is something very heavy we all carry with us. Especially, that part of the past we would rather forget than remember.

Healing past wounds isn’t something easy, or something that can be solved in a matter of seconds. It takes time. And in order for you to heal, you need to realize that taking time for it, is okay.

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Make time for yourself.

Coping with pain and sadness has taken a lot of your energy. Recovering after your suffering is going to ask even more of your energy. Luckily, energy is something you can create yourself. We have both positive and negative energy inside of us, and people need to learn to see and feel the difference.

If you want your recovery to be successful, you need to let go of the negative energy that’s still holding you back, and breathe in the positive energy that’s pushing you to move forward.

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Have courage to move on.

Let yourself think back, but don’t accept any negative thoughts about yourself. Yes, maybe mistakes have happened. Yes, maybe you did some things you aren’t proud of right now. Yes, maybe you haven’t been the person you want to be. But right now is a chance for you to make those things right, to show not only yourself but also the world who you really are.

Learn to let go, by understanding that the past isn’t really about the past. Your present moment experience (the memories, the anger or hurt) in the now is what keeps the past alive. Put your attention on the present if you want to heal from the past.

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Never regret a day in your life, good days give happiness but bad days give experience.

Don’t give your memories power or meaning. Overthinking events that have taken place isn’t going to help you. Lose interest in those sticky thoughts, because it doesn’t serve you to repeat them.

Accept the fact that you deserve to heal. Beliefs as life is unfair, it’s someone else’s responsibility to make this better for me, it was so bad that it’s not possible for me to heal, and so on are only distracting you from the heart of the matter.

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There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

Let the past be a reminder, not a burden. A reminder of who you once were. A reminder of how far you’ve come. A reminder of where you’re going now.

Remember that this life is too short to waste your time on what’s already done. You can’t rewind time and change what already happened. Holding onto your pain is only causing you more pain. Let yourself breathe in new life.

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Don't let the past steal your present.

You deserve to recover and heal. You deserve to let go and start over. You deserve to break free from your past.

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