Adventurist or reliable?

Dad material or a career-chaser?

Dog or cat person?
both, but more of a cat person.

Rich in money or rich in mind and soul?
rich in mind and soul.

Religious or non-religious?

European, Asian, American, Afro-American, Aussie, Arab or African looking?
i really don't care, so anything.

Smiling with his mouth or eyes?

Full or thin lips?
maybe full

Sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?
sarcastic and witty and a little bit romantic

Beard or no beard?

Funny or serious?
funny but can be serious if needed

Tall or shortie?
Tall since I'm tall too

Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes?
anything i don't really mind

Smart or hard-working?

Boy in soul or manly and serious?

Short, medium or long hair?

What colour should his hair be?

Any freckles?
maybe not too much.

Long fingers or wide palms?
Doesn't really matter.

Perfect smile or a little bit crooked teeth?
Perfect smile.

Popping-out veins or no visible veins on arms?
In between.

Wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time?

Muscular or normal looking?
In between.

Wide shoulders or six pack?

Loves to dance or to cook?
Loves to cook.

Loves playing video-games or outdoor sports?
Outdoor sports.

Wears watch or ring?
wears watches, i feel like rings are weird.

Loves taking you out to have dinner in some restaurant or taking you for a walk?
taking you for a walk

Sweet tooth or crazy about salty food?

Tattoos or no-tattoos?

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